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Mental Issues behind Compulsive Shopping

This may sound strange to you, but those who engage in compulsive buying are most probably having mental issues! Compulsive buying or compulsive behavior generally refers to the repetition of a particular behavior despite the adverse consequence that such can bring.  If you are among those involved in compulsive buying, the earlier you sought professional…

DIY ribbon watchband project – follow these steps

Watches are a pretty commonly used accessory by many women and men alike. However, it may happen sometimes that by wearing the same watch for a very long period, the watchband starts to tear and eventually ends up broken. The first instinct you have in such situations is to buy a new watch. Well, know…

Craft ribbons: the detail that can embellish accessories

Women love accessories. Whether you are thinking about watches, about bracelets, earrings or necklaces, they all seem to enjoy the same amount of popularity coming from women. It has certainly happened to you at one point throughout your experience to lose on of your favourite accessories and not in the sense that you have misplaced…

3 types of watches for 3 different occasions

The wrist watch is an essential accessory for any woman and it is one of those things that you can match to your outfit to obtain the perfect look. Since these days everyone has a watch at their phone, wearing one around your wrist has certainly become something purely aesthetical, but this has also encouraged…

How to make an old watch fashionable

All women have a multitude of bracelets and old watches they no longer wear because either something is broken or they are bored with them. Sure, most of these watches might not be brands that everyone has heard of, but at one point you saw them in a shop and fell in love with them….

TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 Ladies

Nowadays, the Swiss watch Companies are worldwide renowned, due to their perfect handcrafting. The TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 Ladiest does not make an exception to the rule, providing the owner with more than just a perfect appearance – it is all about personality .

The new Piaget Limelight Gala watch collection

Nowadays, our personality and way of seeing things is shown through all the accessories we wear. These being said, there’s no wonder why style is said to be the one to make the first impression. The new Piaget Limelight Gala watch collection comes with a wide variety that best meets any high expectations!

Timex Kids’ Time Teacher Analog Flowers Strap Watch

The first steps in learning how to tell time can be difficult, which is why a watch like the Timex Kids’ T89022 Time Teacher Analog Flowers Elastic Fabric Strap Watch aims to offer you and your children all the help you need with its labeled hour and minute hands and color differentiated “to” and “past” markings on the dial.


Over time, more and more of us realized how important it is to own something of value. The flawless Tissot LADY HEART AUTOMATIC T050. is one of them, so in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning its characteristics, make sure to keep on reading!

Vacheron Constantin Kalla Haute Joaillerie Couture à Pampilles

Nowadays, owning a timepiece is the key to starting keeping an eye on it. it is worldwide known the fact that time equals money, so what could get your attention if not a beautiful masterpiece, such as the new Vacheron Constantin Kalla Haute Joaillerie Couture à Pampilles? Make sure to keep an eye on the lines below!