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How to make a ribbon watchband

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you know just how powerful a wristwatch can be. The watch is one of the most acceptable jewellery for a man. A man wearing a wristwatch has poise, style, and, of course, posture. Let’s not forget about the functional use. But maybe you don’t have money…

How to tell if your watch buyer is a reliable one

How to tell if your watch buyer is a reliable one

There comes a time in every watch lover’s life when they must get rid of some old pieces of theirs. This means that a dreaded process must begin; the process of selling a watch. If you want to sell your pieces to private individuals, this process might be even more difficult, as you must find…

Rolex Yacht Master

Both men and women who love sportier watches can choose from the Rolex Yacht Master line, which offers elegant but casual watches with smaller cases, in sizes like 29 or 35 millimeters, with metallic bracelets and made from striking combinations between metals like platinum, yellow gold and stainless steel.