TAG Heuer Monaco V4

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If you say luxury Swiss watches, you almost immediately think of TAG Heuer, and their stupendous collections of timepieces and fashion accessories. Activating for over 150 years, TAG Heuer is a worldwide recognizable brand, with celebrities and personalities like Barack Obama, Steve McQueen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Tiger Woods or Lewis Hamilton having worn or endorsed it. Today we are going to analyze what could probably be called a “Ferrari of wristwatches”, the TAG Heuer Monaco V4, which even sounds like it’s got an engine.

The TAG Heuer Monaco V4 is a limited edition men’s watch part of a series of concept watches designed by the Swiss manufacturer beginning with 2002. All sorts of innovative movements have been incorporated into the making of this incredible watch since then, notably the Pendulum, the Calibre 360, the Mikrotimer and the Mikrograph. All this may sound like science fiction for those who don’t know much about watch manufacturing and movements, but what can be easily understood is that TAG Heuer is clearly in a race against time with its competitors over who will create the ultimate wrist timepiece.

The watch we present today has a rather complicated history, because many critics never believed it could go into mass production. However, after much trial and error, and eventually success, TAG Heuer launched a prototype of the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 in 2004, one which had an innovative movement and a new version of the 1969 Monaco case. The case for this and following models is in 3-D sapphire crystal, sloping over the edges. There was also much skepticism over whether a manufacturer like TAG Heuer could really come up with an innovative, high-quality luxury movement, but they finally did it and thus the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 limited edition of only 150 watches was born.

One of the most interesting, if not most impressive features of the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 which we haven’t mentioned so far is that the mechanisms and movements inside the watch are visible through the sapphire crystal. Furthermore, it is completely made from platinum, so any metal piece in it is made from this precious metal. What’s also interesting to see about this watch’s mechanisms is that it uses transmission belts and not pinions, like most watches do. All the gears are connected by these belts, and the overall aspect of the watch is like pistons in an engine, pushing time in movement.

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