How to tell if your watch buyer is a reliable one

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There comes a time in every watch lover’s life when they must get rid of some old pieces of theirs. This means that a dreaded process must begin; the process of selling a watch. If you want to sell your pieces to private individuals, this process might be even more difficult, as you must find a reliable buyer, someone who is educated in the matter, willing and able to pay a generous amount of money for a collection piece. As a result, many opt to sell their watches to other collectors. Needless to say, some of those collectors started their own businesses, and now they offer a wide variety of services, from price my watch type of services, to buying and selling various pieces. However, let’s see which the attributes of a reliable watch buyer are.

1. They allow you to sell your pieces by using PayPal

Pay Pal is an amazing tool which both sellers and buyers choose to use in order to receive their payments properly and not to fall into scam actions. If you stumble upon a professional watch buyer that does not allow you to use PayPal as a payment tool, skip them, as they may not be reliable.

2. They don’t buy fake watches

Reliable professional watch buyers always are keen to invest in veritable pieces. So, don’t try to sell a fake one to such professionals, they will know the difference. However, if you are unsure regarding the authenticity of your pieces, you can ask for their opinion. They will provide reliable information.

3. They will most likely ask for your ID

Reliable watch buyers always require an ID from sellers. If you try to sell a piece to one and they don’t ask for some sort of ID, don’t work with them. Generally, reliable watch buyers ask for such information to be sure that you are truly the owner of the watch.

4. They offer valuation services as well

As said in the beginning, reliable collectors offer valuation services. As a result, if you are not interested in selling a timepiece, you can still find out how much it is worth by making a request.

5. Should I sell even if they are not an authorized dealer?

Long story short, yes. Professional watch buyers are not dealers, they are simply passionate people that are willing to recognize the authenticity and value of a time piece and offer a fair price for them. Don’t be discouraged if you cannot find an authorised dealer. You will still receive a fair price.

6. They will check your pieces

Yes, reliable watch buyers will use worldwide data bases and they will see if the pieces that you are trying to sell were lost or stolen. So don’t be surprised if you don’t succeed to sell a piece that you found on the train. You can only sell to these collectors your watches, so pay attention.