Embellish your delicate wrist with a personalized watch

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Even though watches enjoy great popularity among both men and women because they perfectly interblend functionality and style, the reality is that not everyone can afford purchasing an expensive piece that has the power to captivate you from the very first second. From sports, casual and pocket watches for men to leather, gold-plated and sparkly watches for women, these timeless accessories can make or break an outfit. For this reason, selecting the most suitable watch for every occasion is very important, especially if you follow the recommendations of successful fashion stylists across the globe. However, if you are not ready to invest in a vast watch collection, at least personalize that old piece you received on your birthday to make it stand out from the rest. Since it holds great importance, you wear it all the time, regardless of your outfit or the occasion.

Initiate a DIY project to bring your old watch into prominence

Nevertheless, you should know that you have the ability to transform your old-fashioned watch into a striking piece by assessing your skill and starting a DIY project. First, you will have to consider the changes or improvements that you plan to make in order to bring your precious watch into prominence. Are you thinking about an eye-catching combination of colors? Are you sure that attaching crystals with ultraviolet glue is the best idea? Well, taking into account that you have the possibility to do whatever you want, only your imagination can set insurmountable limits. In fact, you should rejoice because apart from adjusting and resizing the strap, you can opt for a personalized replacement. All you have to do is gather cheap, yet versatile materials from theribbonroom.co.uk and combine them in different ways to embellish your delicate wrist.

You can seek inspiration everywhere around; just let your personality shine through

There are so many inspiring ideas out there that you will probably have to initiate a selection process before the actual DIY project. However, keep in mind that the main objective is to let your unique personality shine. Details make the difference meaning that you do not have to adopt the principle “go big or go home”. If you like creating art, then drawing butterflies, feathers or flowers does not represent a challenge for you, but since you want something original, you will probably opt for an intricate pattern with a secret meaning behind it. Undoubtedly, it will become a conversation starter. After all, writing your name on everything is no longer interesting.