DIY ribbon watchband project – follow these steps

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Watches are a pretty commonly used accessory by many women and men alike. However, it may happen sometimes that by wearing the same watch for a very long period, the watchband starts to tear and eventually ends up broken. The first instinct you have in such situations is to buy a new watch. Well, know that there are other more interesting ways to save your watch and one very good example is to create a watchband yourself out of ribbons you have bought from an online store such as Here are the steps you should follow for this DIY project.

First, find a supplier

One of the first things you need to start this project with is some online research in order to find the best ribbon supplier on the World Wide Web. Ask around what the best ribbon supplier is, read reviews and testimonials to see what other people have to say about the most popular ribbon suppliers and visit their websites to get a clearer idea on the products and services they provide. Narrow the list and go for the one you believe best matches your selection criteria.

Choose the right ribbons

You already have a starting point in this DIY project – your old watch. Using ribbons, you can turn that old, plain and boring watch into a more elegant one for instance. Or in case you used to wear the watch with extravagant and elegant outfits, you can now make it look more vintage using the right types of ribbons. Thus, you have to decide how you would like your watch to look like in the end, the style it should replicate and to think about the outfits you will wear it with. This way, it will be easier for you to select the best ribbon fabric, colour and design for your watchband project.

Time to get serious – creating the watchband

Now that you have selected the best ribbon provider and ordered the ribbons you need for this project it’s time things got serious. Here’s what you have to do:

  • First, measure the ribbon against both pieces of watchband end to end in order to determine the exact size and to know how much ribbon material you need. Make sure you leave some spare ribbon in case there are any measurement mistakes, because it will be easier to correct them later on.
  • The next step requires great attention and most importantly patience. You need to thread both pieces of ribbon through the watchband bars on both sides of the watch face. Since the space between the bars and the watch face is rather small, expect to succeed after several attempts.
  • Cut a V shape to end the two pieces of ribbon in order to prevent the material from fraying.
  • Tie the new watch around the wrist so that it stays in its place. The best way to ensure it will not detach from your wrist is to make a small double knot.

All that remains now is to find the perfect outfits to wear your new watch!