3 types of watches for 3 different occasions

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The wrist watch is an essential accessory for any woman and it is one of those things that you can match to your outfit to obtain the perfect look. Since these days everyone has a watch at their phone, wearing one around your wrist has certainly become something purely aesthetical, but this has also encouraged designers to come up with new collections and offer people a wide variety of watches to choose from. To this extent, these are the three watches that should not miss from your collection:

The casual ribbon watch

Every woman should have a ribbon watch in her collection, because it is the perfect accessory to match to almost any casual outfit you may have. For those who do not know what a ribbon watch is, it is basically a watch that uses ribbons instead of the classic leather bracelet. This way you can interchange ribbons as often as you like, change colours and always have a different accessory to wear. Dedicated stores even offer custom ribbon, so you can create the perfect ribbon design to match your preferences perfectly.


The jewellery watch

This is a watch you can wear when you go out and you are wearing something very elegant. You can even choose a silver watch, because it will certainly offer any outfit a wonderful elegance or, if you are looking for a low-cost option, you should be able to find something with an elegant bracelet that comes at an affordable price. There are so many designs these days that you may even have a difficult time choosing only one watch, especially if you are a fan of this accessory.


The sports watch


If you may not always have the chance to wear a very fancy watch, this is probably the one that you will be wearing the most, along with the ribbon watch. A sports watch is the best choice when you want to wear some jeans and a pair of sneakers, as it will complete your look perfectly. Whether you are preparing for a day out shopping or for a walk in the park, this is one of those watches that you will always find yourself wearing. The sports watch is by far one of the most popular choice, because it is highly versatile and can look amazing with many different attires and in many different occasions.


These are the three watches that any woman should own. Between the classic jewellery watch, the sports one and the ribbon watch, you will always have something nice to wear whenever you leave the house. Regardless of the occasion, with these three watches on your side, you will always manage to pull off an amazing look and impress everyone you meet. Sometimes the accessories matter more than the actual clothes you choose to wear and the watch is a simple and yet very effective element that should not miss from your accessory collection.